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Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers


What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are an integral part of the aging process and are symptomatic of the skins inability to return to its original state after certain muscle groups have contracted. When a facial expression such as a frown, raised or dipped eye brows occurs, it is facilitated by the contraction of specific muscle groups close to the surface of the skin which causes the skin to fold as it is drawn together causing temporary or dynamic wrinkles. This is natural and part of the human expression portraying emotions and attitudes. Facial skin starts as a well moisturized and flexible protective layer for internal structures and organs. After facial expressions have ceased, the skin would normally return to its former, smooth appearance due to its elasticity.

Why are Wrinkles Bad?

Historically, wrinkles were not such a concern because many cultures embraced old age and more primitive cultures led lifestyles less likely to encourage the early onset of facial wrinkles. This was possibly due to the fact that there were less causal factors as in modern life with such high levels of alcohol, smoking and environmental impurities. In modern times facial wrinkles have become more of a problem, possibly due to lifestyle and attitudes towards wrinkles. With age, smoking and other moisture draining activities, the skin loses essential oils and loses the ability to snap back into place which causes a memory effect and more permanent folds in the skin that stay in place even when the facial expression has stopped. Dermal fillers have become an effective treatment for wrinkles and a safe alternative to face lift surgery.

Wrinkles are seen as ugly reminders of the aging process and coupled with grey hair or baldness, wrinkles require removal in order to preserve a more youthful and fresh appearance. Face lift surgery was heralded in the past as the most effective solution to facial wrinkles even though there is a level of risk associated with plastic surgery. Over recent years dermal fillers help to restore the skins natural elasticity.

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